Guide (導)

《導》 跟著從窗引入的光,登上了石屋的閣樓,回望時才覺擦到每一梯級都有不同灰度,不其然想起 晏殊 的「蝶戀花」一詞中兩句:「獨上高樓,望盡天涯路。」假若爸爸見到這情景,不知他回望之餘,有何感想呢?

My Father's Kowloon City photography exhibition (16)

Guide: It was the light that guided me up the stairs for this image.  But, when I was standing on top of it, I suddenly thought, "Had my dad stood there with me, what would he feel about all the steps that he had taken in his life."

Guide ( 導 )

Guide ()