The Mind of a Photographer (Meetup in Hong Kong)


In the above event, John Chee will share his experience on photography and the photobook publishing project, My Father's Kowloon City.  He will also bring with him a few images of his ongoing project to share.

攝影師 John Chee 會分享攝影心得及他在 2016年出版「在獅子山下尋找他的足跡」的經驗。John 更會在這聚會中披露幾張他現正籌劃中 project 的照片。

Time: March 18, 2017, Saturday(三月十八日,週六)2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

RSVP: FREE, limited seats available. 免費入場。如參加者,請覆留位

Venue: Chiu Wui Restaurant, Shop 16&17&19 on G/F Bay View Mansion, 13-15 Moreton Terrace, Causeway Bay, HK, Hong Kong (潮薈,銅鑼灣摩頓台13- 15號灣景樓C座地下16-17&19號舖)

Language: Cantonese 

Speaker: John Chee published My Father's Kowloon City (a photobook) in 2016. An exhibition with the same title was held at the book launch with over 1,900 visitors.

講者:John Chee 於2016年出版「在獅子山下尋找他的足跡」攝影集,並在同年3月舉行攝影展,吸引超過 1,900 人觀賞。


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With Immigrants

Two of many rallies in NYC today. The first one took place in front of the Home Land Security office in an effort to safe a 23-year old "dreamer" from deportation.  The second act was owners closed their restaurants for a day to show solidarity with their workers.

The popular Pure Thai (Hell's Kitchen) went dark tonight to show its support for   A Day without Immigrants  .

The popular Pure Thai (Hell's Kitchen) went dark tonight to show its support for A Day without Immigrants.

Fatherhood (竇)

《竇》 同意與否,父母在有生之年、走每一段路,都認為自己有責任「抱」著孩子走的。


My Father's Kowloon City photography exhibition (20)
Fatherhood: Appreciate it or not, our parents are carrying us as long as they are alive. At least, this is how they think.

This is the last image of the photography exhibition. Thanks to everyone who has lent me a hand to make this project happen.

Fatherhood (竇)

Fatherhood (竇)

Up (上)


《上》 這相片是《信》的延續。如相片所示,階梯的盡頭是一幅牆。面對這牆,是否就不上階梯,或是應該跑上去嘗試把這高牆推倒或攀越呢?

My Father's Kowloon City photography exhibition (19)

Up: This is a sequel of Faith.  Contrasting to its underlying meaning, viewers can now see that there is a wall on top of the staircase.  Does it mean that we don’t go up? Or, should we at least get up there and try to knock down that wall?

Up (上)

Up (上)