Introduced to the medium by a friend’s father, who captured the Vietnam War in still frames, John Chee studies photographic subjects across the globe. 

In the Mongolia group exhibition that debuted in Tokyo in 2011, he studied the fading nomadic lifestyle and appreciated the beauty of the landlocked country. He traveled to Tohoku, Japan and experienced the power of Mother Nature through the aftermath of the Great Earthquake. In Northern Vietnam, he examined the characters of a number of minority groups. John documented in a short photojournal what he saw when the first train that carried a large group of Syrian migrants reached Munich. In his recent book, a photojournal published in 2015, John compared the root causes of the Black Lives Matter and Umbrella Movements in New York City and Hong Kong, respectively. During this journey over the years, John's curiosity has grown to see how photography has impacted humanity as an art form and a means of communication. Chee and his wife live in New York City. He is a member of the National Press Photographers Association and the Camera Club of New York.