Promise (諾)


》在衙前圍村中見到這情景,不禁聯想到以前在這裡幾百年世代相傳的家庭;夫婦的承諾;父母的愛。盡管家園已被摧毀,這雙椅子仍在從前的樓梯下依傍在一起。猷如蘇軾的《水調歌頭》中最後幾句:「… 人有悲歡離合,月有陰晴圓缺,此事古難全。但願人長久,千里共嬋娟。」


My Father's Kowloon City photography exhibition (9)

Promise: There was a house once stood here in Nga Tsin Wai Walled Village, with trace of a stair case to the second floor.  Now that the house is gone, the two chairs still stick together. Perhaps, it's because of a "promise."

9. Promise (諾)

9. Promise (諾)