Book Launch

今天新書 在獅子山下尋找他的足跡 正式上架,大家可在以下香港各處書店找到:

On the book launch day, more bookstores in Hong Kong are added to the list that carry my new book My Father's Kowloon City:

>> The Eslite Spectrum (誠品)

>> Metrobooks

>> Chung Hwa Book Co. (中華書店)

>> The Commercial Press (商務印書館): online or in-store

>> Joint Publishing (H.K.) (三聯書店)

>> Cite Bookshop (城邦書店)

>> Cosmos Books (天地圖書)

>> Logos Ministries Ltd. (基道書樓)

>> - outside of Hong Kong (香港以外地區)

Don't miss the corresponding photography exhibition that is on view in the Store Houses between March 26 and April 3, 2016.