The people of Hong Kong have spoken

The first election (for the District Councils of Hong Kong) since the Umbrella Movement took place over this weekend. While, activist Raphael Wong in the following image did not win on his bid for entering the District Councils as an elected member, a few other did in various districts. 

"‘Umbrella soldiers’ win eight seats as veteran politicians suffer surprise defeat"

Trying to get by

"Half of New Yorkers say they are barely or not getting by, poll shows."  We don't need polls to tell us. Just take a walk in the City, you will see scenes like this image in my book every other corner.  Somehow, our policymakers fail to see the obvious.  They also fail to see the correlation between inequality and civil unrest in recent history.

Gentrified Neighborhoods

After I took this image of the massive site where three buildings collapsed in East Village on March 26 of this year for my recent photojournal book, a building collapsed in Brooklyn in July and another one in midtown last week.  City transformation continues, but at what cost?

The "developing story" version of this New York Times article described how the deluxe hotel developer of the site sued Havana NY (a small popular local restaurant) located at the ground floor of where the midtown building collapsed.  The small restaurant won the first case that the developer tried to get them out, while the second one claiming Havana NY $10 million for delaying the building demolition is ongoing.  However, the reference to these cases was removed in the final version of the Times.  Regardless of who's right or wrong, we can catch a glimpse of what mom-and-pop shops are facing through these cases.

Generalization, Discrimination, and Stimulus Control

Protesters were against "police brutality" not the "police" as shown in this image of my new photojournal book.  For those who intentionally or unintentionally mix the two, take a quick read of the story about a boy and seal hunting (p. 300) in Chapter 10 Generalization, Discrimination, and Stimulus Control, of Learning and Behavior by Paul Chance.